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With decades of experience in the meat industry, we pride ourselves on sourcing exclusively premium protein for your pets. We go above industry standard to ensure the safety of our product, so you and your pet can enjoy the benefits of a raw diet worry-free. We have the widest variety of proteins and product formats for picky eaters, pets with allergies, and owners who just want to provide a bit of variety for their pets.

There’s a lot of misinformation out there, so let us set the record straight. Pets. Need. Protein. And we’ll go a step further—not just a little protein, a lot of protein. Because a premium protein diet IS a balanced diet. Oh, and one more thing... only the best protein will do.

Dog and cat owners want food that delivers more energetic playtimes, healthier skin, shinier coats, stronger teeth, and poops that prove good food is essential for a healthy gut.

We promise to source whole-animal, butcher cut protein. We’re going to freeze it at the peak of freshness. And then, we’re going to make food that your pet deserves—the quality of a raw diet in the form of treats, toppers, meals, and snacks.

Leave behind pet food that’s over-processed, overrated, and frankly overmatched when it comes to nutrients and enzymes. Give your pets butcher cut protein.

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Coastal Bergan earthbath® - Natural Pet Grooming Products Portland Pet Food Co HomeoPet Green Coast Pet Vital Essentials Spunky Pup
Spot Ethical Products Fashion Pet Ethical Products Icelandic+ Round Lake Farm Products Tevra Brands Vetality O.T.I.S. Ucari Pet Testing Kit

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With over 320+ years of combined experience in the Independent Pet Supply Business (over 190 of those years with JWA!), our staff of Professional Associates welcomes the opportunity to assist our Customers with a "Servants Attitude", Honesty and Integrity, and we Thank you for your time in considering the fine Brands we are Proud to Represent in North America.

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