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Whether Tevra Brands are improving their proven solutions or innovating products with better technologies, they remain focused on creating safe, effective and innovative options that you would want to use for our own pets, family and home.

Tevra Brands products are affordable and dependable with innovative features that matter.

Tevra Brands Vetality by Tevra Brands 

Current Literature

2020 Vetality Catalog 2020 Vetality Catalog (5781 KB)

Avantect F&T Displays Avantect F&T Displays (2672 KB)

Tevra F&T Training Tevra F&T Training (1621 KB)

Vetality Avantect II Vetality Avantect II (1823 KB)

Vetality Firstect Vetality Firstect (2719 KB)

Vetality Triple Action Chews Vetality Triple Action Chews (1238 KB)

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